Rat Removal in the Houston and DFW areas


When your home is invaded by rats, you may not get a very good look at the creatures themselves, but the signs are hard to ignore. Maybe you found rat droppings in your attic, garage, or basement. Perhaps you pulled a blanket out of the closet and noticed that something chewed a hole right through it.

You might have even caught a glimpse of a skinny tail and furry body darting across the floor and disappearing behind the refrigerator. And, of course, there’s the pitter-patter of tiny feet and scratching noises from within your walls or chimney keeping you awake at night.

While tame, “fancy” rats are becoming more and more popular as pets, there’s nothing cute or cuddly about wild rats that barge into human homes and try to take over!

Rowdy Rats

For their tiny size, rats (and mice) are shockingly destructive. Given enough time, they can chew through drywall, insulation, electrical wiring, and plastic piping—doing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in the process. They steal food from your cupboards and are more than capable of destroying personal property (paper, linens, and even bedding) in their efforts to make nests. They’re prolific breeders, which means that just a few rats “squatting” in your home can quickly turn into an overwhelming infestation. There’s also the issue of sanitation: wild rats often have fleas living in their fur, and rat urine and feces can transmit Salmonella and Leptospirosis to humans.

Pair all of these qualities with the fact that they’re highly intelligent creatures, and you’ve got a formidable foe on your hands. Fortunately, you don’t have to take care of the problem on your own—you can call the #1 Rat-Control Service!

Experts at Work

When you need to take back your home from rats or mice, Chimney and Wildlife Specialists will get the job done. We’re a BBB-accredited, award-winning company that utilizes humane, safe, and cutting-edge techniques to help homeowners get rid of pests. All of our specialists are certified, insured, and well-trained, so even the toughest jobs can be done quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We’re locally owned and operated, and in many cases, we can actually offer same-day, emergency animal control services. For rat removal in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston areas, look no further than CWS.

Ask Away

Still have questions or concerns about our methods? Not sure how your home could have gotten infested in the first place? A specialist will be happy to answer these questions—in detail—before we even get started working. Not only does CWS want to help you with your current predicament, but we want to make sure you don’t find yourself in the same situation a few months down the road.

If rats are running amok, don’t delay—contact Chimney and Wildlife Specialists today!