When it comes to safety and efficiency, nothing beats a proper and professional chimney cap.

Typically made of copper or 24-gauge colored steel, these simple yet effective coverings protect the flue from an array of environmental factors such as:

  1. Debris. A proper chimney cap prevents debris from accumulating in the chimney, which can cause a fire hazard. This is especially important during autumn as leaves and branches fall off trees in preparation for winter.
  2. Deterioration. Caps that cover the entire top of your chimney protect against deterioration caused by moisture and rainwater. Both can damage your chimney, the damper, and the firebox. Water can also harm your walls and erode brick over time. These hazards often go unrecognized. Chimney caps can prevent erosion before a great deal of work has to be done to correct the problem.
  3. Drafts. Downdrafts can blow cold air into your home, compromising your ability to heat it efficiently. A powerful draft can also blow smoke or ash into your home if your chimney isn’t properly covered.
  4. Animals. Some creatures, especially birds, are naturally drawn to the warmth emitting from your chimney. When seeking shelter from the elements, other pests like bats, squirrels and raccoons are likely to take up residence in your chimney if it’s not capped.

To help protect your home and chimney from these and other hazards, we offer two effective alternatives to traditional mesh chimney caps.

Flashing for Re-roofing

Ideally, flashing will last as long as the life of your roof; up to 40 years in some cases. When replacing your roof, it’s a good idea to examine the flashings, too. If they seem to be in good condition, proceed as usual. If not, we can help you make new flashings using the old flashing as patterns to perfectly fit the space.



All of the custom chimney caps installed by Chimney and Wildlife Specialist are fabricated by our sister company North Dallas Metal. This ensures that each order is measured, fabricated, and installed by our highly trained staff. While North Dallas Metal is the leader in custom copper and metal chimney caps, we also provide an array of other fabricating services. Check us out at ndsheetmetal.com